1. Top Doctors: Expert Guide on Chronic Cough

  • Website: Top Doctors1
  • Description: A detailed guide on chronic cough by Professor Owen Judd, offering online consultations with medical specialists.

2. WebMD: Cough Directory

  • Website: WebMD
  • Description: Comprehensive directory providing information on cough causes, remedies, and when to seek medical help.

3. Mayo Clinic: Cough

  • Website: Mayo Clinic
  • Description: Provides expert insights on cough symptoms, causes, and treatment options.

4. Healthline: Cough

  • Website: Healthline
  • Description: Offers a symptom checker and various articles on cough remedies and treatments.

5. Verywell Health: Cough

  • Website: Verywell Health
  • Description: Features articles on cough causes, types, and treatments, along with prevention tips.

6. MedlinePlus: Cough

  • Website: MedlinePlus
  • Description: Provides a variety of resources on cough, including diagnosis, treatment, and prevention information.

7. Harvard Health: Chronic Cough

  • Website: Harvard Health
  • Description: An in-depth article discussing chronic cough, its causes, diagnosis, and treatment.

8. Cleveland Clinic: Chronic Cough

  • Website: Cleveland Clinic
  • Description: Offers expert advice on managing chronic cough and related conditions.

9. American Lung Association: Cough

  • Website: American Lung Association
  • Description: Provides resources on understanding and managing cough, with a focus on lung health.

10. National Health Service (NHS): Cough

  • Website: NHS
  • Description: Offers a range of information on cough, its causes, treatments, and when to contact a healthcare professional.

With this curated list, you’re well on your way to finding trustworthy advice and remedies for managing coughs.